The Heart of a Lion

Who Am I?


Who Am I?

The Book

What voices, memories and beliefs lie beneath your sense of identity? “Who Am I?” invites you to discover the answer through one man’s fascinating journey of hypnotic self-exploration.

When struggling husband and father Zachary seeks help from certified hypnotist David Lemmer, neither expects the life-altering internal reckoning that follows. By regressing Zachary into a trance state, David guides him to confront long-buried parts of his psyche that discretely shape his self-destructive thoughts and behavior.

Through vivid transcripts of these hypnotherapy sessions, we gain raw access to Zachary unraveling core wounds, unveiling revelations from his “Inner Child,” and ultimately rewriting his conscious narrative. The question “Who Am I?” permeates Zach through to his very foundation.

This page-turning memoir serves as a portal to our hidden internal voices. Zachary’s courage to shed pretense by engaging with the most vulnerable parts of himself models a path to self-love and purpose that we all can learn from. Join one man’s quest to integrate his full identity – and prepare to better know thyself.

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